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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag

Tasks and Goals

The tasks and activities of TAB include the design and implementation of TA projects. Additionally,TAB monitors and analyses important trends in science and technology and related societal aspects (Monitoring).

Moreover, parliamentary TA includes analyses of innovation activities (Innovation Reports), the observation of scientific and technological trends at an early stage of development (Horizon Scanning) as well as the exchange of experience and views with players from society by means of systematic discourse analyses and dialogue procedures (Stakeholder Panel TA).

The objectives of technology assessment, as TAB sees it, are the following:

  • to analyse the potentials of new scientific and technological developments and explore the associated opportunities,
  • to examine the framework conditions for implementing scientific and technological developments,
  • to analyse their potential impacts in a comprehensive forecast, pinpoint the opportunities of a certain technology and indicate the possibilities for avoiding or reducing any associated risks,
  • to provide policy makers alternative options in the policy-making process.

TAB's aim is to supply the German parliament with information, providing a scientific basis for the policy-making process.

Up to now TAB has conducted research on more than 150 topics and published all its findings (Overview on publications).