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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag


Selected publications of TAB are available in English.


Since 2014, all final reports of TA projects are accompanied by a briefing note entitled »TAB-Fokus« published in German and English, which summarises in compact and concise form the most important results. In addition, on a case by case basis, a TAB-Fokus can be issued on the occasion of public events or other special occurrences.

Summaries of TAB reports

For TAB reports before 2014 the summaries are available in English.

Technology Assessment Studies Series

Selected TAB reports that are expected to attract particular international interest have been translated fully and published in the English »Technology Assessment Studies Series«. Since 2014 the titles are available worldwide as Book-on-Demand or download.


TAB's bi-annual newsletter »TAB-Brief« is available only in German.