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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag


Since 2014, the final reports of TA projects are accompanied by a policy brief »TAB-Focus« published in German and English. On four pages, the leaflet compactly and concisely summarizes the most important results.

Date TAB-Fokus ­Nr. Title Download
2017-04 16 Social Bots - The potential opinion makers PDF [3,16 MB]
2017-03 15 Additive manufacturing (3D printing) PDF [3,02 MB]
2017-03 13 Online citizen participation in parliamentary work PDF [4,00 MB]
2017-01 11 New medicines for neglected diseases PDF [1,50 MB]
2016-06 12 Digital media in education PDF [3,05 MB]
2016-04 09 New electronic media and addictive behaviour PDF [2,88 MB]
2016-02 08 Assessment of daylight saving time PDF [2,90 MB]
2015-11 07 Synthetic biology - the next phase of biotechnology and genetic engineering PDF [1,57 MB]
2015-02 06 Opportunities and criteria for a sustainability label PDF [2,96 MB]
2015-01 05 Modern power grids as key element in a sustainable supply of energy PDF [2,99 MB]
2015-01 04 Valorization of Biodiversity PDF [3,10 MB]
2014-03 03 Climate Engineering PDF [1,58 MB]
2014-02 02 Postal services and modern information and communication technologies PDF [1,16 MB]
2013-12 01 Remote sensing: application potentials in Africa PDF [2,54 MB]

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