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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag


Title Thematic area
Gene drives – technologies for propagating genetic modifications throughout populations Biomedical technologies
Alternative technology pathways for reducing emissions in primary industry Energy, resources, environment
Opportunities and risks of the digitisation of critical municipal infrastructures using water and waste management as examples Technology, society, innovation
World without cash – changes in conventional banking and payment systems Information technologies
Energy saving effects in the building sector Energy, resources, environment
Nuclear reactor concepts of Generation IV Energy, resources, environment
Awareness and use of petitions to the German Bundestag Technology, society, innovation
Status quo and perspectives of telemedicine Biomedical technologies
Innovative technologies, processes and products in the construction industry Technology, society, innovation
Opportunities of digital administration Technology, society, innovation
Energy consumption of ICT infrastructure Energy, resources, environment
Racing into a new space era Information technologies
Discrimination as possible consequence of algorithmic decision-making systems and machine learning Technology, society, innovation
Algorithms in digital media and their influence on opinion formation Information technologies
Possible health impacts due to different frequency ranges of electromagnetic fields (HF-EMF)
Energy, resources, environment
Legal Tech – algorithmic legal consulting Information technologies
Human genome editing Biomedical technologies
Potentials of mobile Internet and digital technologies for a better participation of persons with disabilities in society
Technology, society, innovation
Digitisation of agriculture Food, agriculture, genetically modified crops
Autonomous weapons systems
Technology, society, innovation
Light pollution – extent, societal and ecological impacts as well as approaches
Energy, resources, environment
Sustainability assessment of farming systems – challenges and perspectives
Food, agriculture, genetically modified crops
Observation technologies in the field of civil security — opportunities and challenges Technology, society, innovation
Sustainability potentials of bioeconomy - 3rd generation biofuels Energy, resources, environment
Data-Mining – social and legal challenges Information technologies
Dealing with ignorance in exploratory experiments Technology, society, innovation
Medical and veterinary active ingredients in drinking water and watercourses – quantitative analysis and risk assessment Energy, resources, environment
Challenges for plant breeding
Impact of the structural change in plant breeding on genetic diversity, diversity of varieties and performance of domestic agriculture
Food, agriculture, genetically modified crops
Current status and developments of prenatal and preimplantation diagnosis Biomedical technologies
Expansion of renewable power generation — ecological and other consequences in an integrated socio-economic and ecological overall assessment
Preliminary Study
Technology, society, innovation