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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag


Title Thematic area
Opportunities and threats of mobile and digital communication in the workplace Technology, society, innovation
Medical and veterinary active ingredients in drinking water and watercourses – quantitative analysis and risk assessment Energy, resources, environment
Human-machine interaction
Between artificial intelligence and human enhancement
Biomedical technologies
Data-Mining – social and legal challenges Information technologies
Digital Media in education Information technologies
Additive manufacturing processes (»3D printing«) Technology, society, innovation
New electronic media and addictive behaviour Information technologies
Assessment of summer time Diverse topics
Dealing with ignorance in exploratory experiments Technology, society, innovation
Balance of interests in infrastructure projects: Options for action with regard to local communication and organization Energy, resources, environment
White Biotechnology
Present status and future perspectives of industrial biotechnology for a sustainable economy
Energy, resources, environment
Synthetic Biology Biomedical technologies
Modern power grids as key element in a sustainable supply of energy Energy, resources, environment
Load-Following Capability of German Nuclear Power Plants Energy, resources, environment
Opportunities and criteria for a sustainability label for consumers Diverse topics
Medicines for Africa
Measures to improve the health situation
Environment and health
Valorization of Biodiversity Energy, resources, environment