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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag

Project implementation by TAB

Once the Committee has passed a resolution, TAB is responsible for scientific and organisational implementation of the TA projects. The project team begins with intensive research and consultations with experts on relevant research issues and findings. These also help in exploring opposing scientific opinions and controversial positions of various interest groups. For central issues defined for a TA project, TAB makes recommendations to the Committee on reports to be commissioned from external experts or scientific institutions. Cooperation with such external experts and their reports is a central element of project work.

Over the entire term of the project, the team monitors and analyses current scientific debate and related public and political discussions. Workshops and expert meetings are organised to bring together scientific experts and Members of Parliament to discuss interim results. Representatives of societal groups are frequently included. This also aims to promote communication between scientists, society and the German Bundestag and the transfer of knowledge and opinions even before completion of a project. The results of all activities are summarised by TAB, and the project is concluded with a final report.

The Committee reviews and comments on the final reports, releases them after discussion with the initiators, and approves publication. Most TAB reports are published in the form of printed papers of the German Bundestag (Bundestagsdrucksache) and are incorporated into the process of parliamentary debate and decision-making.