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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag

15.12.2008 | TAB-Brief no. 34:

Thematic focus of the new TAB-newsletter: E-participation in digital democracy

The new issue No 34 of the TAB-newsletter has been published. The thematic focus is dedicated to some »Variants of Digital Democracy«. In three individual contributions exemplary ways of utilisation of the internet are presented: »abgeordnetenwatch.de« (similar to the UK project mysociety.org) a platform that declaredly wants to mediate between politics and citizens, e-consultations in Canada as an interesting example of internet-based communication processes between (executive) politics and citizens as well as a comparison of the e-petition systems of the parliaments in Germany and Canada.

From these examples the reader can compare and comprehend in which divers shapes and with what success the aim of e-participation is aspired. In the course of reporting from the »TAB project studio« this time a thorough overview of 12 new project topics, that TAB will take up within the next months, is of particular importance.

The electronic TAB-newsletter No. 34 can be downloaded [PDF file] from the TAB website. Past editions can be found at http://www.tab.fzk.de/de/tabbrief.htm.

The printed TAB-newsletter can also be ordered from the secretariat free of charge – please send an e-mail buero@tab-beim-bundestag.de or Fax (030/28 491 - 119) – indicating single issue or regular subscription. You can also sign up to be informed of publication of the next issue by e-mail.