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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag

12.10.2009 | New publication:

From vision to reality?

TAB report on ubiquitous computing released

Ubiquitous computing is held to be a promising path for innovation worldwide. Extensive R&D-activities and political strategies aim at the goal to advance real world technologies and applications. The TAB working report No 131 analyses the state and perspectives of technological development and application in economy and society.

Where is our position now on our way towards the ›internet of things‹? Which examples from practical experience show already today the potential that can be tapped by implementing the basic idea of ubiquitous computing - the complex electronic interconnection of things that communicate. Which technical, legal and societal challenges have to be overcome - and what can be the contribution of politics? In this new TAB future report, which has been drawn up under the auspices of Fraunhofer ISI, the status quo and the perspectives of ubiquitous computing are analysed and illustrated with the help of examples like commerce, logistics and the public health sector.

However the fascinating ›benevolent elf technology‹ of ubiquitous computing has to be limbered up extensively by all parties concerned in economy, society and politics, if its applications are to become really economically attractive, socially benign and helpful in dealing with societal problems.