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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag

24.02.2010 | TAB:


New website with new web address

TAB has radically redesigned and expanded its internet presence. The new domain name, at which it can be accessed is: tab-beim-bundestag.de. All members of staff have new e-mail addresses based on this domain as well (lastname@tab-beim-bundestag.de).

The previous website of TAB had been getting a bit long in the tooth after probably more than 15 years and was in need of a thorough refurbishment. During the presentation of TAB in the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment on February 24, 2010 the newly devised TAB website has been presented and unveiled to the public.

Features of the website are for example:

  • User friendly transparent navigation,
  • searchability including all pdf-files (full text search),
  • (sparing) integration of web 2.0 elements (e.g. RSS, social bookmarking),
  • more interaction and link-ups,
  • lucid structure consisting of four main areas: News, Research, Publications and information about TAB ("About TAB"),
  • comprehensive offer of publications for download,
  • modern, barrier-free accessible design based of the »corporate identity« of TAB.

We invite you cordially to test the new internet presence and address criticism either positive or negative and especially references to mistakes and malfunctions at us (). The first ten respondents are offered one gratuitous copy of an available TAB report or book of their choice.