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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag

13.12.2010 | Publikation

Innovations in medical technology

A recent TAB report analyses the challenges for a netcentric innovation policy

Medical technology falls within the responsibility of health care, research and economic policy. This poses the innovation policy challenge of coordinating the partly synergistic, but also diverging objectives, measures and instruments of the respective policy fields in such a manner that favourable framework conditions are created for the development and clinical application of medico-technical innovations.

The TAB policy benchmarking report

  • analyses the demands emerging for research policy in the field of medical technology from health policy and economic policy goals and strategies;
  • the procedures and instruments wich could be be taken into account in practice to resolve conflicting aims and exploit synergies;
  • deals with »good practice« examples for a »coordinated innovation policy« in selected reference countries and examines to what extent international »good practice« examples can be transferred to conditions in Germany; and,
  • on this basis, ascertains required actions and develops options with regard to a coordinated innovation policy for medical technology in Germany.