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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag

12.05.2014 | English-language publications

TAB enhances international visibility of selected studies

The publication of a further TAB final report in English – »Electronic petitioning and modernization of petitioning systems in Europe« – means that all the titles in the English TAB book series are now available worldwide as Book-on-Demand.

Although the Office for Technology Assessment of the German Bundestag (TAB) works primarily on behalf of the German Bundestag, which commissions its work, ensuring the international visibility of the results of the TAB studies was also seen as important from the very outset. TAB’s involvement and cooperation in the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment Network (EPTA Network) was explicitly set out in the principles for TA, with the aim of strengthening international parliamentary TA beyond Europe’s borders too.

That is because it is not just scientific debate which takes place in an international setting; decisions relating to research and technology policy are also increasingly being made in international institutions, the most evident being the European Union, but also in many other international policy-making institutions. The availability and receptability of the TAB studies in these bodies is therefore becoming more and more important.

Global access to the detailed summaries of the TAB reports, in English too, has always been possible via TAB’s website which was set up at an early stage. In addition to this, with the agreement of the TA rapporteur group, TAB established an in-house English-language book series in 2009 which includes selected TAB reports that are expected to attract particular international interest. This book series, which currently encompasses six titles, can be accessed directly via the TAB website (www.tab-beim-bundestag.de/en/publications/books/).

The publication of the 6th volume »Electronic petitioning and modernization of petitioning systems in Europe« - which is a particularly hot topic at present in various parliaments in Europe - marks a further new direction: The titles of the English TAB book series are now also available worldwide as printed books at very affordable prices via online or high-street bookshops.

Current list of the English-language TAB book series:

Riehm, Ulrich; Böhle, Knud; Lindner, Ralf: Electronic petitioning and modernization of petitioning systems in Europe. Norderstedt: 2014, paperback, 296 pages, ISBN 978-3-7357-9033-0, € 14,98 (22,90 US-Dollar)

Sauter, Arnold; Gerlinger, Katrin: The pharmacologically improved human. Norderstedt: 2013, paperback, 296 pages, ISBN 978-3-7322-9681-1, € 14,99 (22,50 US-Dollar)

Petermann, Thomas; Bradke, Harald; Lüllmann, Arne; Poetzsch, Maik; Riehm, Ulrich: What happens during a blackout. Norderstedt: 2011, paperback, 252 pages, ISBN 978-3-7322-9329-2, € 12,75 (19,50 US-Dollar)

Gerlinger, Katrin; Petermann, Thomas; Sauter, Arnold: Gene doping. Norderstedt: 2009, paperback, 156 pages, ISBN 978-3-7322-8785-7, € 7,92 (12,50 US-Dollar)

Grünwald, Reinhard: Greenhouse gas – bury it into oblivion. Norderstedt: 2009, paperback, 132 pages, ISBN 978-3-7322-8815-1, € 6,70 (10,90 US-Dollar)

Coenen, Christopher; Riehm, Ulrich: Development through electronic networks. Norderstedt: 2009, paperback, 268 pages, ISBN 978-3-7322-6212-0, € 13,58 (19,90 US-Dollar)

(The prices quoted should be seen only as a guide since the retail prices can vary in countries without a fixed book price agreement.)

For further details of the recently published title »Electronic petitioning and modernization of petitioning systems in Europe« please see www.tab-beim-bundestag.de/de/aktuelles/20120201.html (English version at www.tab-beim-bundestag.de/en/news/20120201.html)