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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag

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Date News Thematic area Category
27.10.2021 What can European societies learn from the COVID-19 pandemic?
EPTA presents report at its annual conference on 9 November 2021
Technology, society, innovation Publication
23.06.2021 Paving the way to a sustainability assessment of farming systems Food, agriculture, genetically modified crops Publication
12.05.2021 New projects for 2021/2022 Diverse topics TAB
25.02.2021 New space – new dynamics in space exploration Technology, society, innovation Publication
26.10.2020 Autonomous weapon systems Technology, society, innovation Publication
28.08.2020 Light pollution – extent, effects and approaches Energy, resources, environment Publication
16.04.2020 Legal Tech – potentials and applications of technology based legal consulting Information technologies Publication
17.01.2020 Pharmaceutical residues in drinking water and water bodies – quantitative analysis, risk assessment and precautionary measures Energy, resources, environment Publication
09.12.2019 Monitoring the status quo and developments of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis in Germany Biomedical technologies Publication
22.10.2019 Climate neutral truck traffic due to algae-based fuels? Energy, resources, environment Publication
23.07.2019 Let's talk about virtual and augmented reality! Information technologies Publication
26.06.2019 A knowledge basis for the political and societal debate on non-invasive prenatal tests Technology, society, innovation Publication
02.05.2019 Health apps on the test bench Technology, society, innovation Publication
11.12.2018 Can robots contribute to good care? Biomedical technologies Publication
06.06.2018 German Bundestag commissions TAB for another 5 years TAB
11.01.2018 Social bots - the potential opinion makers Information technologies Publication
22.11.2017 Online citizen participation in parliamentary work Information technologies Publication
02.11.2017 New medicines for neglected diseases Biomedical technologies Publication
20.09.2017 Load-following capability of German nuclear power plants Energy, resources, environment Publication
18.09.2017 Additive manufacturing (3D printing) Technology, society, innovation Publication
04.09.2017 Digital media in education Information technologies Publication
16.12.2016 The Future of Labour in the Digital Era. Ubiquitous Computing, Virtual Platforms, and Real-time Production Technology, society, innovation Publication
20.07.2016 New electronic media and addictive behaviour Information technologies Publication
17.05.2016 Assessment of daylight saving time Diverse topics Publication
19.04.2016 Synthetic biology – The next phase of biotechnology and genetic engineering Diverse topics Publication
19.02.2016 TAB´s new projects - and a plenary debate on 25 years of technology assessment at the German Bundestag TAB
09.09.2015 We can be brief - the most important TAB results on 4 pages Diverse topics Publication
27.10.2014 New topics for the TAB TAB
12.05.2014 TAB enhances international visibility of selected studies Diverse topics Publication
29.08.2013 Launch of working period 2013 to 2018 Diverse topics TAB
13.06.2013 EPTA Members present themselves - EPTA Booklet published Publication
03.04.2013 TAB book »The pharmacologically improved human – Performance-enhancing substances as a social challenge« now available Publication
08.03.2013 German Parliament continues to bank on the advice of TAB Diverse topics TAB
01.02.2012 TAB report on »E-Petitions« in Europe
The E-petition platform of the German Bundestag is well received by citizens.
Information technologies Publication
26.10.2011 Successful conclusion to the German EPTA presidency 2011
EPTA Council meeting and scientific conference in Berlin
15.07.2011 World Food
12.07.2011 EPTA-Conference 2011 in Berlin
23.02.2011 Reproductive Medicine Biomedical technologies
02.12.2010 Innovations in medical technology
A recent TAB report analyses the challenges for a netcentric innovation policy
Technology, society, innovation Publication
20.05.2010 On the way to the internet of things
A TAB report on »Ubiquitous Computing« was published as the 31th volume of the series »Studien des Büros für Technikfolgen-Abschätzung beim Deutschen Bundestag«.
Information technologies Publication
04.05.2010 Selected Technology Assessment Studies of the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB) are now made available in English language. Diverse topics Publication
09.03.2010 Broaden the availability of book publications via the internet
TAB starts a distribution experiment with the scientific publishing house edition sigma.
25.02.2010 TAB at Parliament
TAB has presented itself to the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment
24.02.2010 tab-beim-bundestag.de
New website with new web address
10.02.2010 Technologies in the context of disability
Building blocks for participation in everyday and professional life
Technology, society, innovation Publication
20.01.2010 20th anniversary of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag
20 years TAB
Diverse topics TAB-Brief
16.11.2009 Innovative therapies in clinical trials
A TAB innovation report analyses the chances and risks of biomedical innovations in Germany as a location for industry
Diverse topics Publication
12.10.2009 From vision to reality?
TAB report on ubiquitous computing released
Information technologies Publication
08.09.2009 Technologies to compensate for disabilities
Productive intervention strategies at the workplace?
Technology, society, innovation Publication
30.06.2009 Well known, but still room for improvement
First representative survey on the German petition system yields surprising results
Information technologies Publication
25.06.2009 A new issue of the TAB newsletter has been released Diverse topics TAB-Brief
17.06.2009 Citizen participation via e-petitions Information technologies Publication
28.04.2009 Individualised medicine and the health system
Results of the TAB Future report will be presented and discussed at a public event in the German Bundestag
Biomedical technologies Event
24.04.2009 Transgenic seeds in developing countries
Experience, challenges, perspectives
Food, agriculture, genetically modified crops Publication
03.03.2009 Individualised medicine and the health system
Personalised, predictive and preventive?
Biomedical technologies Publication
15.12.2008 Thematic focus of the new TAB-newsletter: E-participation in digital democracy Information technologies TAB-Brief