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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag


The manifold and balanced topic portfolio of our research projects is the result of a consensus-oriented search and understanding of all parliamentary groups of the Bundestag. It takes up current scientific and technological developments and focuses on their social and political relevance. The direct client of our research topics is the Committee for Education, Research and Technology Assessment.

Title Thematic area Acmp.
Awareness and use of petitions to the German Bundestag Technology, society, innovation 2020
Discrimination as possible consequence of algorithmic decision-making systems and machine learning Technology, society, innovation 2020
Racing into a new space era Technology, society, innovation 2019
Autonomous weapon systems
Technology, society, innovation 2019
Light pollution – extent, societal and ecological impacts as well as approaches
Energy, resources, environment 2019
Sustainability assessment of farming systems – challenges and perspectives
Food, agriculture, genetically modified crops 2019
Legal Tech – potentials and applications Information technologies 2018
Virtual and augmented reality – development paths, application potentials, technology impacts Information technologies 2018
Status quo and developments of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis Biomedical technologies 2018
Status quo and developments of prenatal diagnosis Biomedical technologies 2018
Sustainability potentials of bioeconomy - 3rd generation biofuels Energy, resources, environment 2018
Pharmaceutical residues in drinking water and water bodies Energy, resources, environment 2018
Social bots
Horizon scanning study
Information technologies 2017
Health Apps
Innovation Analalysis
Technology, society, innovation 2017
Additive manufacturing (3D printing) Technology, society, innovation 2017
Robotics and assistive neurotechnologies in the care sector – challenges for society
Continuation of the project »Human-machine interaction«
Biomedical technologies 2017
White Biotechnology
Present status and future perspectives of industrial biotechnology for a sustainable economy
Energy, resources, environment 2016
Digital media in education Information technologies 2016
Opportunities and threats of mobile and digital communication in the workplace Technology, society, innovation 2016
Online citizen participation in parliamentary work Information technologies 2016
Human-machine interaction
Between artificial intelligence and human enhancement
Biomedical technologies 2016
Medicines for Africa
Measures to improve the health situation
Biomedical technologies 2016
Synthetic Biology Biomedical technologies 2015
New electronic media and addictive behaviour Information technologies 2015
Assessment of daylight saving time Diverse topics 2015
Balance of interests in infrastructure projects: Options for action with regard to local communication and organization Energy, resources, environment 2015
Geoengineering Environment and health 2014
Modern power grids as key element in a sustainable supply of energy Energy, resources, environment 2014
Load-Following Capability of German Nuclear Power Plants Energy, resources, environment 2014
Opportunities and criteria for a sustainability label for consumers Diverse topics 2014
Valorization of Biodiversity Energy, resources, environment 2014
Moving towards sustainable water management Energy, resources, environment 2013
Technological advances in healthcare: A source of rising costs or an opportunity for cost savings? Biomedical technologies 2013
Postal Services and Modern Information and Communication Technologies Information technologies 2013
Electric mobility concepts and their significance for the economy, society and the environment Transport and traffic 2012
Future of the automotive industry Diverse topics 2012
Supply of raw materials for High-tech german industries – specifying and further developing germany’s raw materials strategy Energy, resources, environment 2012
Organic farming and biomass production Food, agriculture, genetically modified crops 2012
Sustainability and Parliaments: Survey and Perspectives RIO +20 Technology, society, innovation 2012
Application potential of remote sensing for developing countries Diverse topics 2012
Regulations for access to the information society Information technologies 2012
Technical options for managing the CO2 cycle Energy, resources, environment 2012
Electronic petitioning and modernisation of petitioning systems in Europe Information technologies 2011
Pharmacological and technical interventions for improving performance
Perspectives of a more widespread use in medicine and daily life (»Enhancement«)
Biomedical technologies 2011
Reproductive medicine: Scientific technical developments, consequences and general conditions of use Biomedical technologies 2010
How can research contribute to solving the problem of world food? Food, agriculture, genetically modified crops 2010
International competitiveness of the European economy with regard to the EU state aid policy: The case of nanoelectronics Technology, society, innovation 2010
Future potentials and strategies of traditional industries in Germany
Impacts on competitiveness and employment
Technology, society, innovation 2010
Renewable energy sources to secure the base load in electricity supply
Contribution, perspectives, investments
Energy, resources, environment 2010
Status quo and perspectives of the military use of unmanned platforms Diverse topics 2010
Hazards and vulnerability in modern societies – using the example of a large-scale outage in the electricity supply Technology, society, innovation 2010
Opportunities and challenges facing new energy crops Energy, resources, environment 2010
Clinical research in Germany with special focus on non-commercial studies Diverse topics 2010
Innovations in medical technology
Challenges for research, health care and economic policy
Technology, society, innovation 2009
Barriers to the establishment of new key technologies Technology, society, innovation 2009