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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag


The manifold and balanced topic portfolio of our research projects is the result of a consensus-oriented search and understanding of all parliamentary groups of the Bundestag. It takes up current scientific and technological developments and focuses on their social and political relevance. The direct client of our research topics is the Committee for Education, Research and Technology Assessment.

Title Thematic area
Crisis radar - strengthening the resilience of society, politics and the economy by means of crisis prediction Diverse topics
Near-natural forest conversion in times of climate change Energy, resources, environment
Application potentials and challenges of artificial intelligence in education Technology, society, innovation
Opportunities and risks of hydrogen partnerships and technologies in developing countries Energy, resources, environment
Bacteriophages in medicine, agriculture and food industry – application perspectives, regulatory and innovation issues Biomedical technologies
Strategies and instruments for improving the use of recycled materials Energy, resources, environment
Alternative technology pathways for reducing emissions in primary industry Energy, resources, environment
Urban timber construction Technology, society, innovation
Energy saving effects in the building sector Energy, resources, environment
Gene drives – technologies for propagating genetic modifications throughout populations Biomedical technologies
Opportunities and risks of the digitisation of critical municipal infrastructures using water and waste management as examples Technology, society, innovation
Status quo and perspectives of telemedicine Biomedical technologies
Opportunities of digital administration Technology, society, innovation
Algorithms in digital media and their influence on opinion formation Information technologies
Potentials of mobile Internet and digital technologies for a better participation of persons with disabilities in society
Technology, society, innovation
Data-Mining – social and legal challenges Information technologies