TAB team reinforced

Brief introduction of new employees

Alma Kolleck has been a research associate since September 2017. She completed her PhD on internet-based participation at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, her research on so-called smart camera surveillance at the Charles University in Tübingen, and on citizen science at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin. In general, she is interested in the manifold interrelations between technological innovation and society. At TAB, Alma Kolleck is involved in the projects »Algorithms in digital media and their influence on opinion formation» und »Status quo and developments of prenatal diagnosis».

Saskia Steiger has been a research associate since August 2017. Previously, she worked as a researcher for the Public Safety Research Forum at the Free University of Berlin, where she provided scientific policy advice on public safety issues. She also worked for several years in the field of international cooperation in Germany and the People's Republic of China. She wrote her doctoral thesis on migration in the People's Republic of China and studied sociology, sinology and history at the TU Berlin and in Beijing. At TAB, Saskia Steiger is currently working on the projects »Observation technologies in the field of civil security — opportunities and challenges» und »Digitisation of agriculture» .

Bernd Stegmann has been a research assistant for public relations, editorial work and science communication since September 2017. Previously, he was the academic coordinator of the Master's programme in Futures Studies at the FU Berlin's Institute Futur. After studying political science, economics and Italian philology at the LMU Munich and the Università degli Studi di Siena, he worked as a political education officer, project manager and (online) editor on European, future and sustainability issues. His tasks at TAB include making the results of TAB's work on issues of socio-technical change visible and understandable to the German Bundestag and the general public, as well as strengthening the discourse and dialogue with social actors.