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symbolbild genschere, genome editing am menschenHuman genome editing - Hopes or Hubris?

A new TAB report gives an overview of potential applications of human genome editing, ethical and regulatory aspects are discussed. The corresponding Policy Brief is now available in English.

More14.12.2021 | Publication
ventilator sustainable coolingSustainable Cooling

The new brief study provides an overview of which innovative cooling technologies and concepts are efficient, low-emission and at the same time affordable for broad sections of the population in Germany and worldwide.

More22.11.2020 | Topics and projects
Cover EPTA Report 2021 lessons from Vovid-19 pandemicWhat can politics and society learn from the COVID-19 pandemic?

The new report of the Network of European Parliamentary TA Agencies (EPTA), presented at the annual EPTA conference on 9 November2021  in The Hague, Netherland, highlights important issues for the political agenda

More27.10.2021 | Conference and Publication
TAB-Tätigkeitsbericht 2020Activity report 2020

The activity report 2020 documents our broad spectrum of activities despite pandemic-related restrictions. The compact review of activities and research results in 2020 is available online (in German).

Download23.09.2021 | Publication
AB 188 Fokus 27 Nachhaltigkeitsbewerung landwirtschaftlicher SystemePaving the way for a sustainability assessment of agricultural systems

Which type of land management is most sustainable ecologically, socially and economically? TAB report examines the possibilities of a comparative sustainability assessment of agricultural systems and shows the need for action for the (further) development of a more differentiated assessment. 

More23.06.2021 | Publication
horizon-scanning themenkurzprofileNew topic profiles from Horizon scanning

What will the toilet of the future look like? What added value does the digitization of cultural assets offer? What contribution can technologies make against food waste? Can AI recognize emotions and is the Hyperloop just hype? Our five new topic profiles provide compact answers to these questions.

More22.06.2021 | Publication
TAB-LogoNew projects for 2021/2022

The German Bundestag has approved the further work programme of the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag.

More12.05.2021 | TAB
logo horizon scanningNew topic profiles from Horizon scanning

The corona pandemic poses major challenges for all sectors of society. Four new thematic short profiles from Horizon Scanning provide condensed information on current issues and impulses for pandemic times and beyond.

More17.03.2021 | Publication
Cover: Kurzstudie Nr. 1 und Fokus Nr. 29New Space - new dynamics in space travel

Commercial players are creating a momentum of innovation in space exploration by developing new technologies and business models. Our Short Study no. 1 and policy brief TAB-Fokus no. 29 provide an overview of current developments and future prospects for German space research and industry, taking particular account of new development and start-up dynamics.

More25.02.2021 | Publication
TAB-Brief Nr. 51: 30 Jahre TAB30 years of TAB - Contributions to forward-looking and precautionary policy-making

TAB-Brief no. 51 explores the questions of how forward-looking the analyses were, what constitutes the special value of the investigations and what perspectives new technologies open up for the work of parliamentary technology assessment.

More26.01.2021 | TAB-Brief
Hintergrundpapier 24: Mögliche Diskriminierung durch Algorithmen und maschinelles LernenDiscrimination by algorithms and what to do about it

TAB report explores the question of whether algorithmic decision-making systems make (un)fairer decisions than humans and what can be done to prevent algorithm-based discrimination.

More24.11.2020 | Publication
TAB-Sensor 3: Wer kennt und nutzt Petionen an den Deutschen BundestagWho knows and uses petitions to the German Bundestag?

TAB Sensor no. 3 approaches these core questions from the perspective of Internet users resident in Germany and also asks about the use of extra-parliamentary petition and campaign portals.

More19.11.2020 | Publication
autonomous weapon systemsPublic Expert Discussion »Autonomous Weapon Systems«

On the occasion of the new TAB study, a public expert discussion took place in the German Bundestag on November 4, 2020 on technical and ethical aspects as well as on international policy issues in the context of autonomous weapons systems.

More05.11.2020 | Event
Themenkurzprofile 35-40New topic profiles from Horizon scanning

Six new topic profiles provide condensed information on current scientific and technological trends and socio-economic developments in early stages of development, including technologies for more sustainable material cycles and the use of artificially intelligent assistants in the world of work.

More20.08.2020 | Publication
Cover Tätigkeitsbericht 2019Activity report 2019

The compact review of activities and research results in 2019 is available online.

More18.08.2020 | Publication
light pollution seen from spaceCauses, extent and effects of light pollution

TAB's policy brief in TAB-Fokus no. 25 summarises the scientific state of knowledge with regard to the extent and trends of light pollution and its effects on humans, animals and plants, and presents regulatory and technological options for action to protect against light emissions.

More22.07.2020 | Publication
Welt ohne bargeld geldscheineWorld without cash?

The interim results of the brief study »World without Cash« on current trends and developments in the payment traffic ecosystem was discussed with experts at a public expert meeting in Parliament on 18 June 2021.

More18.06.2020 | Event
legal techLegal Tech - Potentials and effects of technology-based legal advice

The recently published TAB report and policy brief in English provide an overview of legal tech applicationsand its potential. It also discusses which legal aspects of consumer and data protection are affected by legal tech offerings and points out the need for political action.

More16.04.2020 | Publication
Bundestag ohne MenschenPolicy advice in Corona times

Even under the current conditions, the TAB team is working intensively together with its consortium partners. Short-term or even day-to-day issues are not provided for in TAB's commissioning modalities, but future work will certainly take up questions resulting from the current exceptional situation.

More 27.03.2020 | TAB
TAB im ABFTAPresentation of TAB activities in the Bundestag

In the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment, Prof. Dr. Armin Grunwald explained the diverse projects and products of TAB in the current legislative period, highlighting the increasing recognition of technology assessment - in more and more European parliaments as well as in relevant scientific circles.

More 04.03.2020 | Event
AB 185: Arzneimittelrückstände in Trinkwasser und GewässernPharmaceutical residues in drinking water and water bodies

Against the backdrop of a steadily increasing consumption of medicinal products, the TAB has published a detailed report on »Pharmaceutical residues in drinking water and water bodies«.

More17.01.2020 | Publication
Themenkurzprofile 35-40From »Dark Patterns« to »Labour Tech« to »Beyond Big Data«

Five new topic profiles from horizon scanning provide condensed information on current scientific and technological trends and socio-economic developments at early stages of development that are highly relevant to technology assessment.

More08.01.2020 | Publication
cover Monitoring the status quo and developments of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis in GermanyMonitoring the status quo and developments of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis in Germany

TAB's policy brief TAB-Fokus no. 21, which is now available in English features the key findings of the monitoring project.

More03.12.2019 | Publication
Cover activity report 2018Activity report 2018

The compact review of our activities and investigation results is available online.

More26.11.2019 | Publication
cover TAB-Fokus no. 20: Climate neutral traffic due to algae-basted fuelsClimate-neutral truck traffic due to algae fuels?

Policy brief TAB-Fokus no. 20 on 3rd generation algae-based biofuels provides a quick overview of the topic – from the production of algae-based biomass and fuels to their potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transport and approaches to the further use of algae.

More02.10.2019 | Publication
cover TAB-sensor health appsHow health apps are used and evaluated

New TAB-Sensor illustrates the results of a nationwide representative survey on the benefits of health apps and on possible fields of action from the point of view of the population.

More26.09.2019 | Publication
visualisation TAB im FoyerTAB im Foyer - Future technologies in focus

The event on 25.09.2019 in the foyer of the Paul-Löbe-Haus provided an opportunity for numerous members of the Bundestag and their staff to engage in conversation.

More26.09.2019 | Event
TAB letter magazine 51Diverse insights into the work programme of TAB

The new TAB-Brief presents, among other things, the new TA projects adopted by the German Bundestag and the latest topic profiles from Horizon Scanning.

More26.06.2019 | TAB-Brief
cover TAB-Fokus Virtual and augmented reality vr ar Let's talk about virtual and augmented realities

Applications of virtual reality and augmented reality have become increasingly important in many private and professional contexts in recent years. Policy brief TAB-Fokus no. 19 »Virtual and augmented reality« provides a quick overview of development paths, application potential and technological implications as well as policy options and research needs in the field.

More25.06.2019 | Publication
cover tab-fokus status quo and developments of prenatal diagnosisPrenatal genetic diagnosis comprehensively considered

The new policy brief TAB-Fokus provides information on the »Status quo and developments of prenatal diagnosis«  in the run-up to the upcoming decision on the future of prenatal diagonosis in Germany

More28.05.2019 | Publication
Committe meeting with TABNew TAB projects

The Bundestag has adopted TAB's work programme for 2019/2020. In preparation, TAB has commented on almost 50 research proposals from the Bundestag committees and parliamentary groups.

Mehr14.05.2019 | TAB
cover TAB Fokus 18 Health appsHealth apps on the test bench

New health apps appear on the market almost daily. Policy brief TAB-Fokus no. 18 »Health apps« provides a quick overview of the topic and related trends as well as options for action.

Mehr13.03.2019 | Publication
Expert discussion on robotics in care  in German Parliament Documentation of the expert discussion on robotics in the care sector

The summaries of the experts' contributions and the video recording of the TAB event are now available.

More26.02.2019 | Event
horizon scanning logoFrom »Air Taxis« to »Cryptocurrencies« to »Quantum Computers«

Six new topic profiles from Horizon scanning provide condensed information on current scientific and technological trends and socio-economic developments at early stages of development that are highly relevant to technology assessment.

More29.01.2019 | Publication
robotics in nursingPublic expert discussion on robotics in care

On 20 February 2019, the German Bundestag hosted an expert dialogue on robotics in care and the associated societal challenges.

More12.12.2018 | Event
cover tab-brief 49New TAB-Brief explores expectations of TA in the 19th German Bundestag

Furthermore our news magazine TAB-Brief provides an overview of project results and informs about the work programme.

More10.12.2018 | TAB-Brief
Rocket takes off towards spaceRacing into a new space era?

A new TAB project provides an overview of developments and perspectives in German space research and industry, particularly against the background of current innovations and start-up dynamics.

More16.11.2018 | Project
Cover Sensor 1How young people rate personalized online media

The new publication series »TAB-Sensor« presents societal perceptions, evaluations and views on scientific and technological change.

More18.09.2018 | Publication
Cover AB 177 robotics in the care sectorCan robots contribute to good care?

Policy brief TAB-Fokus no. 17 »Robots in the care sector - challenges for society« provides a quick overview of the topic as well as options for action.  The underlying TAB Working Report pays special attention to the clarification of normative questions and the possibilities for the prospective design of technology development.

More26.06.2018 | Publication
kw52_kuppel_bildBundestag commissions TAB for another 5 years

The Committee for Education, Research and Technology Assessment of the German Bundestag has unanimously decided to continue to trust the KIT Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis with the operation of TAB until 2023.

More06.06.2018 | TAB
Cover Working report 2016/17Presentation of TAB in the new Bundestag

TAB presented tasks, working methods and results in the Committee for Education, Research and Technology Assessment.

More23.02.2018 | TAB | Publication
Scales against the background of a computer chipOn the road to automated legal advice?

The newly launched TA study analyses the field of algorithmic legal advice and explores the need for political action.

More12.02.2018 | Project
cover book online-buergerbetiligungOnline citizen participation in parliamentary work

In the newly published book »Online-Bürgerbeteiligung an der Parlamentsarbeit« (Online Citizen Participation in Parliamentary Work), five services of the German Bundestag are examined and options for further development are discussed.

More09.02.2018 | Publication
ep-logoTAB report »Balance of summer time« Basis for a study by the EU Parliament and submission to the EU Commission

On 08.02.2018, the EU Parliament called on the EU Commission to carry out a thorough evaluation of the regulation on so-called summer time and, if necessary, to submit a proposal for amendment.

More08.02.2018 | TAB
Cover TAB-Fokus Online citizen participation in parliamentary workOnline citizen participation in parliamentary work

TAB report discusses the experiences of the German Bundestag with its different participation offers and identifies conditions and options for the future organisation of online citizen participation. Policy brief in English available.

More20.11.2017 | Publication
Twitterfeed-@TABundestagTAB now also on Twitter

Good morning 19. #Bundestag!

More08.11.2017 | TAB
logo Horizon scanningBeyond the horizon

New publication series provides important impulses for TA(B) studies of tomorrow via brief topic profiles from our »Horizon scanning«

More27.09.2017 | Publication
Cover Social bots - the potential opinion makersSocial bots - the potential opinion makers

What influence can social bots have on political opinion formation? What is technically feasible today? How can social bots be identified and should they be prevented? Policy brief TAB-Fokus no. 16 is now available in English.

More12.09.2017 | Publication
Cover TAB-Fokus Additive manufacturing (3D printing)Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

The TAB report no. 175 analyses the application potentials and possible economic and social impacts of industrial additive manufacturing technologies and 3D printers for private users – English policy brief available.

More22.08.2017 | Publication
Cover TAB-Fokus 11 New medicines for neglected diseasesNew medicines for neglected and poverty-related diseases

TAB report no. 170 presents various practical initiatives to strengthen product development and discusses political options for promoting engagement in this field. English summary of the report and policy brief are available.

More13.06.2017 | Publication
cover Load following capability of German nuclear power plantsLoad following capability of German nuclear power plants

The TAB Background paper no. 21 discusses the key question how flexibly nuclear power plants can be operated and if their operation complies with a high share of fluctuating electricity feed from renewable energies – English summary now available.

More05.05.2017 | Publication
cover The Future of Labour in the Digital EraThe Future of Labour in the Digital Era

This is the key question of the report »The Future of Labour in the Digital Era. Ubiquitous Computing, Virtual Platforms, and Real-time Production«, which TAB has published in cooperation with 17 member institutions of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment Network (EPTA).

More16.12.2016 | Publication
cover digital media in educationDigital media in education

The TAB report no. 171 analyses the potentials and possible applications of digital media in the different areas of education – impacts, challenges and research needs regarding schools, the dual system, and tertiary education are identified – English policy brief available.

More09.06.2016 | Publication
cover New electronic media and addictive behaviourNew electronic media and addictive behaviour

The TAB report no. 166 analyzes current scientific findings and experience in the area of »new electronic media and addictive behaviour – risks, prevention and coping strategies« – English policy brief now available.

More30.05.2016 | Publication
cover assessment daylight saving timeAssessment of daylight saving time

For TAB report no. 165, the scientific findings and experience regarding daylight saving time existing so far have been examined and presented in a general overview - English policy brief now available.

More17.03.2016 | Publication
plenum_teaser_sitzungsverlauf_bildNew TAB projects and plenary debate on 25 years of technology assessment

By the end of 2015, the Office for Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB) has been commissioned by the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment (ABFTA) to implement six new projects.

More19.02.2016 | TAB
cover Fokus synthetic biologySynthetic biology – The next phase of biotechnology and genetic engineering

TAB report no. 164 investigates state of the art and future implications of synthetic biology - English summary of main results now available

More21.12.2015 | Publication
logo PaciTAReview: International conference »The Next Horizon of TA«

The final conference of the EU project »Parliaments and Civil Society in Technology Assessment« (PACITA) took place in Berlin from 25 to 27 February 2015.

More10.03.2015 | Event
News-Teaser-tab-logoNew topics for the TAB

The German Bundestag has approved the new TAB work programme for 2014/2015

More02.07.2014 | TAB
TAB Logo internationalTAB enhances international visibility of selected studies

With the publication of another TAB report in English - »Electronic petitioning and modernization of petitioning systems in Europe« - all titles of the English TAB book series are now also available worldwide as Book-on-Demand.

More12.05.2014 | Publication
TAB-Fokus FernerkundungWe can be brief - the most important TAB results on 4 pages

The first two issues of TAB-Fokus cover the most recently published work reports on remote sensing and modern postal services.

More15.04.2014 | Publication
News-Teaser-tab-logoLaunch of working period 2013 to 2018

TAB's new contract period brings new cooperation partners, additional analysis concepts and new forms of reporting and communication.

More29.08.2013 | TAB
cover ab 155 Nachhaltikgeit und ParlamenteNachhaltigkeit und Parlamente - Bilanz und Perspektiven Rio +20

TAB Working Report No. 155 offers options for action to further improve the integration of the guiding principle of sustainable development into the political processes of the German Bundestag.

Mehr09.07.2013 | Publikation
cover epta bookletEPTA members present themselves - EPTA booklet published

The EPTA network has compiled a brochure in which its members who carry out technology assessment for the respective parliaments in Europe introduce themselves.

More18.06.2013 | Publication
cover report e-mobilityConcepts of electromobility and their significance for the economy, society and the environment

TAB Working Report No. 153 analyses the ecological, economic and social aspects of electromobility for Germany, discusses funding strategies and identifies options for action.

Mehr05.06.2013 | Publication
coverThe pharmacologically improved human

The book version of the TAB report on »Pharmacological Interventions for Performance Enhancement as a Societal Challenge« is now available in English translation.

More03.04.2013 | Publication
TAB LogoGerman Parliament continues to bank on the advice of TAB

Committee for Education, Research and Technology Assessment unanimously decides on further cooperation with KIT/ITAS.

More08.03.2013 | TAB
EPTA logoEPTA network as guest in Barcelona

The annual conference was hosted by the Catalan Parliament's Science and Technology Advisory Board (CAPCIT), which held the EPTA presidency in 2012.

More05.12.2012 | Event
cover Electronic petioning and modernization of petitioning systems in europeTAB working report on »E-petitions« in Europe

The E-petition platform of the German Bundestag is well received by citizens.

More01.02.2012 | Publication
epta konferenz präsidentschaft tabSuccessful conclusion of the German EPTA Presidency 2011

The TAB and the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment (ABFTA) of the German Bundestag jointly hosted this year's EPTA Council on 19 and 20 October as part of the German EPTA Presidency and organised a high-level international conference.

Mehr26.10.2011 | Event
bericht welternährung forschungWorld Food

TAB report analyses variables influencing the world food situation as promising starting points for research.

More15.07.2011 | Publication
epta präsidentschaft konferenz berlinEPTA Conference 2011 in Berlin

On October 20, 2011, renowned representatives of science and politics will discuss on »Hope-, Hype- and Fear-Technologies – the Role of Science and Politics«.

More12.07.2011 | EP TA EVENT
fachgespräch stromausfall bundestagA large-scale and prolonged power blackout: a national disaster

In a public expert discussion, the results of the TAB project »Hazards and vulnerability in modern societies – using the example of a large-scale outage in the electricity supply« will be presented and discussed with experts and the interested public.

Mehr12.05.2011 | Publication
bericht fortpflanzungsmedizin reproduktionsmedizinReproductive Medicine

TAB report analyses the national and international framework conditions, the scientific and technical progress as well as the intended and unintended consequences of assisted reproductive technology.

More23.02.2011 | Publication
Petri dishReproductive medicine - issue discussed in the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment

TAB presents project results on reproductive medicine in a public meeting of the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment

More11.11.2010 | Event
festveranstaltung tab lammertTwo decades of TAB - celebration in Parliament

Review and outlook on the occasion of the successful commemorative event »20 years of scientific policy advice - technology assessment at the German Bundestag«.

More06.10.2010 | Event
ubiquitäres computing, iotOn the way to the internet of things

A TAB report on »Ubiquitous Computing« has been published as volume 31 of the "Studies of the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag". English summary available.

More21.04.2010 | Publication
tab bundestagTAB at Parliament

TAB has presented itself to the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment

More25.02.2010 | TAB
technologien behinderung alltag beruf buchTechnologies in the context of disability

Building blocks for participation in everyday and professional life

More10.02.2010 | Publication
tab-brief 20 jahre tab bundestag beratung jubiläum20th anniversary of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of TAB the new TAB-Newsletter is dedicated to parliamentary technology assessment. On October 27 2009 the 17th German Bundestag constituted itself, Committees and other parliamentary bodies have resumed work mostly in altered composition comprising numerous new Members of Parliament. This situation coincides with the 20th anniversary of TAB this year. Therefore the TAB-Newsletter is devised slightly different than usual.

More20.01.2010 | TAB-Brief