TAB´s new projects - and a plenary debate on 25 years of technology assessment at the German Bundestag

By the end of 2015, the Office for Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB) has been commissioned by the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment (ABFTA) to implement six new projects.

Moreover, after the well-received official ceremony in the »Paul-Löbe-Haus« on 2nd December 2015, the 25th anniversary of TA at the German Bundestag have also been recognized in yesterday's plenary debate with a one-hour discussion during which Members of the German Bundestag highlighted the value of TAB's work. As for all plenary debates, the multi-faceted speeches are publicly available as text or video files.

After a discussion on finding topics in 2014, five of the new projects were postponed in the first instance and another project was proposed by the »rapporteur's group TA« in autumn 2015.

The topics or project titles are as follows:

  • Sustainability potentials of bioeconomy – 3rd generation biofuels
  • Robotics and assistive neurotechnologies in the care sector – challenges for society against the background of human-machine interaction
  • Status quo and developments of prenatal and preimplantation diagnosis
  • Expansion of renewable power generation – ecological and other consequences in an integrated socio-economic and ecological overall assessment
  • Observation technologies in the field of civil security – opportunities and challenges
  • Health apps


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