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CoverTAB-Fokus no. 35. Energy consumption of ICT infrastructureIncreasing resource and energy consumption of ICT infrastructures must not slip out of the focus

A new TAB report analyses energy consumption scenarios of ICT infrastructures and identifies realistic savings potentials, taking into account the digitisation push triggered by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Mehr17.10.2022 | Publication
Impression während der keynote der EPTA-Konferenz 2022, disruption, Rohwer, Becker, Elsberg, Gehring, Prehn (vlnr)Technology assessment in times of multiple crises – more important than ever. A conference report

On 17 October 2022, members of parliament and scientists met for the international EPTA conference in Berlin to discuss the political and social handling of disruptions and the role of TA for parliament.

More25.10.2022 | Event | TABlog
Cover TAB-Arbeitsbericht Nr. 201: Künstliche Intelligenz und Distributed-Ledger-Technologien in der öffentlichen VerwaltungWhat are the benefits and how far are AI and DLT applications in public administration?

Against the background of international practical examples, a new TAB report and policy brief show perspectives for the successful digitisation of administration in Germany. 

Mehr25.10.2022 | Publikation
Plakat: EPTA Conference 2022: Disruption in society – TA to the rescue?EPTA Conference and Report 2022: Disruption in society – TA to the rescue?

The societal as well as technological dimension of so-called disruptions is the topic of the EPTA Conference on 17.10.2022 in Berlin and the new EPTA Report 2022.

More14.10.2022 | Event and Publication
Cover TAB-Fokus no. 36 Innovative technologies, processes and products in the construction industryInnovations for a more efficient construction industry

A new TAB report analyses relevant trends with regard to technology, product and process innovations in the construction industry in Germany and identifies fields of action for fundamental structural change. The corresponding Policy Brief is now available in English.

More27.09.2022 | Publication
Titelbilder TKP 55-58: Maritime Landwirtschaft, urbane Seilbanen, innovative Schiffbaukonzepte, föderales Lernen (Collage)On potentials of maritime agriculture, urban cable cars, sustainable shipbuilding concepts and federal machine learning

New topic profiles from horizon scanning offer compact answers to current questions and impulses for future research and innovations.

More31.08.2022 | Publication
TAB-Logo New projects for 2022/2023

Following the adoption of the new TAB work programme, yesterday's meeting of the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment focused on the topic of "Genome Editing in Humans".

More07.07.2022 | TAB
Cover TAB-Kurzstudie Nr. 2 (Ausschnitt): Welt ohne Bargeld - Veränderungen der klassischen Banken und BezahlsystemeWorld without cash?

TAB report on changes in traditional banking and payment systems and changes in its power structure provides an overview of developments in the payment traffic and changes in its power structure. 

More05.7.2022 | Publication
Projektbild: Haus mit Energieeffizienzlabel von A (dunkelgrün) bis G (Rot)How to save energy, emissions and money in the building sector

The TAB report on energy saving effects in the building sector shows what property owners can do to save resources and money and how the state can help them. Policy brief TAB-Fokus is available in English.

More23.06.2022 | Publication
Cover TAB--Sensor-5: Wie schätzen Bürger/innen die Coronapandemie und ihre Folgen ein? Ergebnisse einer RepräsentativbefragungHow do citizens assess the corona pandemic and its consequences?

The results of a population-representative survey on this question are the focus of the fifth issue of the TAB-Sensor.

More15.06.2022 | Publication
Teaser of the method report's  cover  with a symbolic circle of cooperationParticipatory TA procedures for the Bundestag

New methods report presents innovative participation procedures and discusses their potential benefits for parliamentary Technology Assessment.

More13.05.2022 | Publication
dr Volker Oeppling, Prof. Dr. Francine Ntoumi, Prof. Dr. Benjamin Mordmueller, Prof. Dr. Ernest Wimmer, Dr. Katrin Gerlinger and Dr. Marc Bovenschulte (from left to right) as part of a panel discussion to kick off the new series of events -TA in dialogue-"TA in Dialogue" on World Malaria Day

On the occasion of World Malaria Day, technological approaches to combating malaria were the focus of a moderated panel discussion on 25 April 2022 as the start of the new event series "TA in dialogue" in the German Bundestag.

More02.05.2022 | Event
TAB-Briefe through the agesWelcome to the new TAB-Brief – our first newsletter in English

After 30 years we will offer the TAB-Brief with information on TA at the German Bundestag as a compact digital newsletter in Englisch for subscription. We look forward to many (new) readers.

More27.04.2022 | TAB-Brief
politik und wissenschaft im Dialog . die digitale gesellschaft von morgen gestalten. #EPTA2022Shaping tomorrow's digital society

As part of a dialogue event between scientists from the Rathenau Institute and the TAB with members of the German Bundestag, the EPTA presidency 2022 was handed over from the Netherlands to Germany.

More25.03.2022 | Event
Cover Themenkurzprofile 50-54, UVc, e-fuels, luftverkehr, bioplastik, ki-dialogsystemeNew topic profiles from Horizon scanning

How does UV-C light contribute to pandemic control? How are bio-based plastics produced? What role do sustainable fuels and engines play for clean aviation? Is AI becoming our constant interlocutor and is art now digital too? Or are NFTs just hype?

More09.03.2022 | Publication
Sensoricons auf Feld - Symbolbild Digitalisierung in der LandwirtschaftOn the way to a digitally integrated agriculture?

In two newly published reports TAB sheds light on development trends in digital agricultural technologies and analyses the opportunities and risks of a systemically integrated agriculture. The corresponding Policy Briefs are now available in English.

More16.02.2022 | Publication
wie bewerten bürger/innen telemedizinHow do citizens evaluate telemedicine?

The fourth issue of the TAB-Sensor is dedicated to the topic of telemedicine and focuses on population-representative assessments of the use and potential benefits of telemedicine services.

More25.01.2022 | Publication