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symbolbild genschere, genome editing am menschenHuman genome editing - Hopes or Hubris?

A new TAB report gives an overview of potential applications of human genome editing, ethical and regulatory aspects are discussed. The corresponding Policy Brief is now available in English.

More14.12.2021 | Publication
ventilator sustainable coolingSustainable Cooling

The new brief study provides an overview of which innovative cooling technologies and concepts are efficient, low-emission and at the same time affordable for broad sections of the population in Germany and worldwide.

More22.11.2020 | Topics and projects
Cover EPTA Report 2021 lessons from Vovid-19 pandemicWhat can politics and society learn from the COVID-19 pandemic?

The new report of the Network of European Parliamentary TA Agencies (EPTA), presented at the annual EPTA conference on 9 November2021  in The Hague, Netherland, highlights important issues for the political agenda

More27.10.2021 | Conference and Publication
TAB-Tätigkeitsbericht 2020Activity report 2020

The activity report 2020 documents our broad spectrum of activities despite pandemic-related restrictions. The compact review of activities and research results in 2020 is available online (in German).

Download23.09.2021 | Publication
AB 188 Fokus 27 Nachhaltigkeitsbewerung landwirtschaftlicher SystemePaving the way for a sustainability assessment of agricultural systems

Which type of land management is most sustainable ecologically, socially and economically? TAB report examines the possibilities of a comparative sustainability assessment of agricultural systems and shows the need for action for the (further) development of a more differentiated assessment. 

More23.06.2021 | Publication
horizon-scanning themenkurzprofileNew topic profiles from Horizon scanning

What will the toilet of the future look like? What added value does the digitization of cultural assets offer? What contribution can technologies make against food waste? Can AI recognize emotions and is the Hyperloop just hype? Our five new topic profiles provide compact answers to these questions.

More22.06.2021 | Publication
TAB-LogoNew projects for 2021/2022

The German Bundestag has approved the further work programme of the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag.

More12.05.2021 | TAB
logo horizon scanningNew topic profiles from Horizon scanning

The corona pandemic poses major challenges for all sectors of society. Four new thematic short profiles from Horizon Scanning provide condensed information on current issues and impulses for pandemic times and beyond.

More17.03.2021 | Publication
Cover: Kurzstudie Nr. 1 und Fokus Nr. 29New Space - new dynamics in space travel

Commercial players are creating a momentum of innovation in space exploration by developing new technologies and business models. Our Short Study no. 1 and policy brief TAB-Fokus no. 29 provide an overview of current developments and future prospects for German space research and industry, taking particular account of new development and start-up dynamics.

More25.02.2021 | Publication
TAB-Brief Nr. 51: 30 Jahre TAB30 years of TAB - Contributions to forward-looking and precautionary policy-making

TAB-Brief no. 51 explores the questions of how forward-looking the analyses were, what constitutes the special value of the investigations and what perspectives new technologies open up for the work of parliamentary technology assessment.

More26.01.2021 | TAB-Brief