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Cover der TAB-Kurzstudie Nr. 5. E-Voting – alternative Wahlformen und ihre Absicherung E-voting - status quo and future prospects in Germany

A new short study on Internet voting provides an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of this new form of voting compared to ballot box and postal voting. The analysis includes three case studies on Estonia, Switzerland and Norway, where there is already experience with online voting in local, regional, national or european elections.

More29.09.2023 | Publication
Cover-TKP-64-68 CollageFrom the 'bicycle revolution' to hypersonic weapons and space-based power generation

New topic profiles from horizon scanning provide a concise overview of the opportunities and risks of new technologies and concepts, and stimulate future research and innovation.

More04.09.2023 | Publication
Portrait of Herbert Paschen while giving a speech A pioneer of TA: on the occasion of the 90th birthday of Herbert Paschen

The economist Herbert Paschen founded technology assessment in Karlsruhe and also paved the way for TA for the German Bundestag. An appreciation of the founding director of TAB by Armin Grunwald.

More19.07.2023 | TAB
Cover TAB-Fokus no 43: Bacteriophages in medicine, agriculture and food industry – application perspectives, innovation and regulatory issues.Bacteriophages offer opportunities in the fight against multi-resistant pathogens

Bacteriophages are viruses that can specifically attack and destroy certain bacteria. A new TAB report provides a comprehensive overview of the applications and innovation potential of bacteriophages in medicine, agriculture and food management, and identifies options for their wider use. The corresponding Policy brief is now available in English.

More05.09.2023 | Publication
Logo TABTAB ready for the next 5 years

At its meeting on 21 June 2023, the Committee for Education, Research and Technology Assessment of the German Bundestag unanimously decided to entrust the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with the operation of TAB until 2028.


More21.06.2023 | TAB
Cover Kurzstudie Nr. 4: Sustainable CoolingSustainable Cooling in Germany: Status quo and future perspectives

Sustainable cooling is a complex task that requires cooperation between politics, society, industry and science. The TAB study highlights the interaction between climate change and cooling demand and shows how sustainable technological and non-technological innovations and cooling strategies can look like.

More22.05.2023 | Publication
coverteaser TAB-HP-26-ChatGptStudy on ChatGPT for the German Bundestag

The application potential and possible societal impact of large-scale computer models for language processing will be the focus of an expert discussion during the public deliberation of the Education Committee on 26 April.

More24.04.2023 | Publication and event
Cover: AB Nr. 196 HF-EMFOn the state of knowledge on health risks of electromagnetic fields

A new report provides a comprehensive factual basis for policy-making as well as options for a socially sustainable approach to the health and technology issue of mobile radiation. Key findings available in English.

More21.03.2023 | Publication
Cover TAB-Fokus no. 40: Data miningData mining – sociopolitical and legal challenges

Using examples from medicine and healthcare, the report provides comprehensive information to inform policy discussions and the design of complex data analytics for the benefit of individuals and society. The corresponding Policy Brief is now available in English.

More15.03.2023/02.05.2023 | Publication
Cover HP-23: Der gesellschaftliche Umgang mit Nichtwissen bei wissenschaftlichen explorativen ExperimentenDealing with ignorance as a societal challenge

A new report addresses issues of good governance in exploratory experiments using the three research areas of green genetic engineering, fracking and ocean fertilisation with iron as examples.

More14.03.2023 | Publication
Cover-TKP-58-63: Greening buildings, fighting forest fires, deep-sea mining, cell culture-based meat production, metaverseFrom the green house to the deep sea to the virtual world

The new topic profiles from horizon scanning provide a concise overview of the opportunities and risks of new technologies and concepts, and give impetus for future research and innovation.

More01.03.2023 | Publications
On a black keyboard at the bottom of the picture lies an open book, above which float red words in the form of labels, above which floats the letter A. (detail)Study launched on the impact of ChatGPT and comparable systems

The focus of the study for the German Bundestag is on educational processes in schools, universities, and vocational education and training.

More13.02.2023 | Topics and projects
TAB report 197 Pflanzenzüchtung - plant breedingPlant breeding as a central element of a sustainable and future-oriented agriculture

New TAB report provides an overview of tasks and challenges of a diverse plant breeding that promotes diversity.

Mehr23.01.2023 | Publication
Cover TAB-Kurzstudie Nr. 3 Urbaner HolzbauUrban timber construction in Germany: Status quo and future prospects.

The TAB short study analyses promoting and inhibiting factors in the various spheres of influence: Society, economy, technology, politics and law, and environment.

More12.01.2023 | Publication