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Teaserbild TAB-Arbeitsbericht Nr. 208:  Komplexe Systeme - Nutzen oder LastComplex systems – benefit or burden?

How does increasing complexity affect the vulnerability of critical infrastructure? A new TA preliminary study discusses why and how an in-depth examination of the complexity of our energy system can help make our critical infrastructure more resilient.

More26.03.2024 | Publikation
Cover Tätigkeitsbericht 2023A new impetus for parliamentary technology assessment

With the presentation of the Activity Report 2023 to the Committee for Education, Research and Technology Assessment, Armin Grunwald presented innovations and extensions of TA in the German Bundestag for the new mandate period.

More26.03.2024 | Event and Publication
Cover: TAB-Fokus no.44: Strategies and instruments  for improving the use of recycled matierialsHow to improve the use of recycled materials in Germany

Only a small part of the German economy's demand for raw materials is covered by recycled materials. Using plastic packaging, electrical appliances and building materials as examples, the TAB report highlights the requirements for increased use of recycled materials and identifies policy options. 

More07.03.2024 | Publication