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TAB logoNew projects for 2024/2025 - once again "at the pulse of time"

The Committee for Education, Research and Technology Assessment of the German Bundestag has decided on TAB's work programme for 2024/2025. Security policy issues are given high priority.

Mehr12.07.2024 | Topics and projects
Titelcollage der Themenkurzprofile aus dem Horizon-Scanning Weltraumbahnhof, KI und Krebs, KI und Fußball, KI und KreativwirtschaftFrom the risks and rewards of a German spaceport to artificial intelligence in medicine, creative industries and football

New topic profiles from horizon scanning provide a concise overview of the opportunities and risks of new technologies and concepts, and stimulate future research and innovation.

More05.07.2024 | Publications
Coverbild: TAB-Fokus no., 45 Crisis radar - strengthening the resilience of society, politics and the economy by means of crisis predictionStrengthening social, political and economic resilience through better crisis prevention

Policy makers are increasingly called upon to prepare for possible future systemic crises. A new TAB study identifies options for better early warning and preventive resilience policies.

More26.06.2024 | Publication
Coverausschnitt TKP Nr. 72. Big Datata und KI im FußballBig data and AI in football

Big data and artificial intelligence are now shaping professional football. In our short profile No. 72 on the EURO24, we look at the changes and potential that this 'data revolution' brings for players, scouts, coaches and spectators.

More14.06.2024 | Publication
Screenshot der Microsite Foresight-Report 2024 - Ergebnisse der Analysen aus dem Resilienzradar. Future-proofing critical infrastructure – first Foresight Report published

The 2024 Foresight Report identifies trends and systemic risks for the critical infrastructure systems of energy, agriculture and food, and transport and mobility. The findings are available from today on our new microsite.

More11.06.2024 | Publikation
Teaserbild Cover TAB-Arbeitsbericht Nr. 211Transformation to climate-neutral industrial production in Germany appears technically feasible

Using the example of the three most emission-intensive primary industries, a new TAB study identifies alternative technology paths and industrial and research policy options for a sustainable transformation.

More28.05.2024 | Publications
Teaserbild Cover TAB-Kurzstudie Innovative Antriebe und Kraftsfoffe für einen klimaverträglicheren LuftverkehrInnovative engines and fuels for more climate-friendly air transport

The new study provides an overview of areas of technological innovation that can contribute to a more climate-friendly aviation. It also outlines measures that play an important role in the future of climate-neutral aviation.

More08.05.2024 | Publication
Teaserbild TAB-Arbeitsbericht Nr. 208:  Komplexe Systeme - Nutzen oder LastComplex systems – benefit or burden?

How does increasing complexity affect the vulnerability of critical infrastructure? A new TA preliminary study discusses why and how an in-depth examination of the complexity of our energy system can help make our critical infrastructure more resilient.

More26.03.2024 | Publikation
Cover Tätigkeitsbericht 2023A new impetus for parliamentary technology assessment

With the presentation of the Activity Report 2023 to the Committee for Education, Research and Technology Assessment, Armin Grunwald presented innovations and extensions of TA in the German Bundestag for the new mandate period.

More26.03.2024 | Event and Publication
Cover: TAB-Fokus no.44: Strategies and instruments  for improving the use of recycled matierialsHow to improve the use of recycled materials in Germany

Only a small part of the German economy's demand for raw materials is covered by recycled materials. Using plastic packaging, electrical appliances and building materials as examples, the TAB report highlights the requirements for increased use of recycled materials and identifies policy options. 

More07.03.2024 | Publication