View of Wendelstein 7x, the stellarator fusion device in GreifswaldMPI für Plasmaphysik / Jan Hosan
Study launch: Knowledge gaps and research needs on the way to a fusion power plant

Recent advances in plasma physics have raised hopes of a new era in energy production. In addition to technological issues, the focus is on the economic, environmental and social aspects of potential fusion power plants.

Cover TAB-Fokus no. 41: Opportunities and risks of the digitisation of critical municipal infrastructures using water and waste management as examples
The digital future of critical municipal infrastructures

A new TAB report examines the use of digital solutions in water and waste management and identifies ways in which the potential of digitalisation can be exploited in a sustainable way, while at the same time ensuring security of supply and disposal. The corresponding Policy brief is now available in English.

Plakat der EPTA-Konferenz 2023: Generative Artificial Intelligence. Opportunities, Risks and Policy Challenges, 9. Oktober in Barcelona
International Conference on opportunities and risks of generative artificial intelligence

This year's conference of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment Network (EPTA) for scientists and MPs in Barcelona on 9 October focused on the challenges that generative AI poses to policymakers, civil society and regulators. 

Cover der TAB-Kurzstudie Nr. 5. E-Voting – alternative Wahlformen und ihre Absicherung
E-voting - status quo and future prospects in Germany

A new short study on Internet voting provides an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of this new form of voting compared to ballot box and postal voting. The analysis includes three case studies on Estonia, Switzerland and Norway.

TABlog-Hintergrundbild: Blaues und lila Mosaik

Updates from our projects and observations and analyses on socially relevant issues of scientific and technological change. (Currently only in German)

Hintergrundbild: Screenshot der TAB-Webseite „Themen und Projekte“, Biotechnologie und Gesundheit, Digitale Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft, Energie und Umwelt, Infrastrukturen und Sicherheit, Landwirtschaft und Ernährung, Projektübersicht
Topics and projects
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About us
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Media review

A selection of articles in the media and online sources about TAB activities.

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Regular information on technology assessment at the German Bundestag

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