Screenshot der Microsite Foresight-Report 2024 - Ergebnisse der Analysen aus dem Resilienzradar.
Future-proofing critical infrastructure – first Foresight Report published

The 2024 Foresight Report identifies trends and systemic risks for the critical infrastructure systems of energy, agriculture and food, and transport and mobility. The findings are available from today on our new microsite.

Teaserbild Cover TAB-Arbeitsbericht Nr. 211
Transformation to climate-neutral industrial production in Germany appears technically feasible

Using the example of the three most emission-intensive primary industries, a new TAB study identifies alternative technology paths and industrial and research policy options for a sustainable transformation.

Teaserbild Cover TAB-Kurzstudie Innovative Antriebe und Kraftsfoffe für einen klimaverträglicheren Luftverkehr
Innovative engines and fuels for more climate-friendly air transport

The new study provides an overview of areas of technological innovation that can contribute to a more climate-friendly aviation. It also outlines measures that play an important role in the future of climate-neutral aviation.

Teaserbild TAB-Arbeitsbericht Nr. 208:  Komplexe Systeme - Nutzen oder Last
Complex systems – benefit or burden?

How does increasing complexity affect the vulnerability of critical infrastructure? A new TA preliminary study discusses why and how an in-depth examination of the complexity of our energy system can help make our critical infrastructure more resilient.

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Updates from our projects and observations and analyses on socially relevant issues of scientific and technological change. (Currently only in German)

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Topics and projects
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> TAB-Fokus

> Summaries of TAB reports

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About us
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Media review

A selection of articles in the media and online sources about TAB activities.

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Regular information on technology assessment at the German Bundestag

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