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From the 'bicycle revolution' to hypersonic weapons and space-based power generation

New topic profiles from horizon scanning provide a concise overview of the opportunities and risks of new technologies and concepts, and stimulate future research and innovation.

Cover TAB-Fokus no 43: Bacteriophages in medicine, agriculture and food industry – application perspectives, innovation and regulatory issues.
Bacteriophages offer opportunities in the fight against multi-resistant pathogens

Bacteriophages are viruses that can specifically attack and destroy certain bacteria. A new TAB report provides a comprehensive overview of the applications and innovation potential of bacteriophages in medicine, agriculture and food management, and identifies options for their wider use. The corresponding Policy brief is now available in English.

Portrait of Herbert Paschen while giving a speech
A pioneer of TA: on the occasion of the 90th birthday of Herbert Paschen

The economist Herbert Paschen founded technology assessment in Karlsruhe and also paved the way for TA for the German Bundestag. An appreciation of the founding director of TAB by Armin Grunwald.

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TAB ready for the next 5 years

At its meeting on 21 June 2023, the Committee for Education, Research and Technology Assessment of the German Bundestag unanimously decided to entrust the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with the operation of TAB until 2028.




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Updates from our projects and observations and analyses on socially relevant issues of scientific and technological change. (Currently only in German)

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Topics and projects
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Media review
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Regular information on technology assessment at the German Bundestag

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