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In parliamentary work, there is a growing need for knowledge about the impact of new technologies in all policy areas. TAB's topics and projects result from the concrete demands of the committees and parliamentary groups. In the projects, we examine the underlying scientific and technical developments, focus on the social and political relevance and offer orientation knowledge and options for action for a sustainable shaping of our community. As the radar and orientation function of parliamentary TA is becoming increasingly important in the context of numerous crises, complex risk situations and disruptions, we are gradually expanding our foresight activities.

 Medizintechnik Implantologie nanaostruktur Bauteile Mikrostrukturtechnik Zahnimplantate Mikrostruktur Nanotechnologie Nanooberfläche Elektronenstrrahlschreiber
Biotechnology and health

Projects related to innovative bio- and medical technologies as well as health care issues

Wie wollen wir ,morgen arbeiten?
Digital society and economy

Projects related to technological change in the living and working environment

Energy and environment

Projects investigating energy supply, resource use and the environmental impact of technology

Isometrische Ansicht einer 3d-gerenderten-Stadt Midjourney
Infrastructures and security

Projects related to (critical) infrastructures and security technologies

Agriculture and food

Projects related to agriculture and genetically modified crops, as well as issues related to the future of food

icons Horizon-Scanning, Resilienz-Check und Resilienz-Radar, weiß auf blauem Hintergrund

Our forward-looking analysis with a focus on innovation and resilience.

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