Schultafel mit Aufschrift: Hausaufgabe Resilienz!TAB (mit Tafel von
Learning resilience

Resilient societal systems do not emerge overnight or by themselves. How the multiple crises and disruptions in European parliaments are leading to a new awareness of precaution, security and resilience strategies. (Article currently only in German)

Berliner Bürgermeisterin Franziska Giffey mit Vladimir Klitschko, das sich später als Fake herausstellteSenatskanzlei Berlin
Deepfakes in the video call or: The captain from Köpenick goes zoom

Why new challenges arise for the reception of (digital) images and why a competent distinction between reality, deepfake or shallowfake is not so easy. (Article currently only in German)

Krisenradar – Resilienz von Gesellschaft, Politik und Wirtschaft durch Krisenvorhersage stärkennatanaelginting/freepik
How can proactive management of multiple crises succeed?

A report from the "Crisis Radar" project, which examines how a continuous forward-looking crisis radar should be designed and institutionally anchored in order to enable timely crisis and risk management. (Article currently only in German)

Poster advertising trials of the RTS,S vaccineBlythwood/WikiCommons (CC BY 3.0)
First WHO recommendation for a malaria vaccine

The WHO recommendation is the final vote needed to add a new vaccine to the portfolio of international health initiatives. It is therefore considered a milestone in the fight against malaria. But does this malaria vaccine have what it takes to become a game-changer? (Article currently only in German)

GroßbaustelleSamuel Regan-Asante/unsplash
Building and housing

The new German government has put the topic construction and housing at the top of its agenda and wants to give a massive boost to residential construction. The focus is on various technical innovations and solutions, which TAB is currently investigating in various projects. (Article currently only in German)

People in face masks strolling in Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy during the Covid pandemicGabriella Clare Marino/unsplash
Lessons from COVID 19 pandemic

Countries around the world have dealt with the pandemic in different ways. What political and social discussions took place about the role of technology, science and innovation? What can we learn from them? The European network of parliamentary technology assessment institutions has sought answers to these questions.