What can politics and society learn from the COVID-19 pandemic?

The new report of the Network of European Parliamentary TA Agencies (EPTA) highlights important issues for the political agenda
cover EPTA Report 2021
The EPTA Report 2021 is a joint production of over 15 EPTA members.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a shock to many personal, social, political as well as cultural developments and brought entire societies to a standstill. Policymakers face the challenge of making serious decisions in the midst of a dynamically evolving crisis under great uncertainty. At the same time, the pandemic is acting as a pressure cooker for the transformation of entire spheres of life, such as the acceleration of the digitalization of education, work and social life.

Countries around the world have dealt with the pandemic in different ways. What political and social debates have there been about the role of technology, science and innovation? What can we learn from these discussions? The European Network of Parliamentary Technology Assessment Institutions (EPTA) has sought answers to these questions and will present a report on the subject. This report is a joint production of EPTA members, led by the Rathenau Institute (Netherlands), which is chairing the EPTA network this year. The international comparison of the management of the COVID-19 pandemic makes this study unique in its kind.

The presentation of the report »The COVID-19 pandemic: Drawing lessons to strengthen societies« will take place on 9 November (14:00-16:00) during a hybrid conference (online and offline). The Rathenau Institute will officially hand over the report to a representative of the Dutch central government. During the conference, the numerous international authors will discuss their research findings with parliamentarians and policy makers.

This event is open to interested media representatives, parliamentarians and experts. If you are interested, please send an email with your signature to buero∂tab-beim-bundestag.de and you will receive the link to the live stream. After the session, a summary of the conference activities will be published on the Rathenau Instituut website.


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