On the state of knowledge on health risks of electromagnetic fields.

A new report provides a comprehensive factual basis for policy-making as well as options for a socially sustainable approach to the health and technology issue of mobile radiation. Key findings available in English.
Cover TAB-Bericht Nr. 196: Mögliche gesundheitliche Auswirkungen verschiedener Frequenzbereiche elektromagnetischer Felder
TAB-Arbeitsbericht Nr. 196: Mögliche gesundheitliche Auswirkungen verschiedener Frequenzbereiche elektromagnetischer Felder (HF-EMF)

High-frequency electromagnetic fields (HF-EMF) form the basis of all digital wireless communications in the public domain and in private households. In the coming years, a further increase in EMF sources of different frequency ranges is expected. The main reason for this is the rapidly advancing digitalisation of almost all areas of work, life and the economy, which is at the same time closely linked to technologies that can be used on the move.

Against this background, this report presents the current state of knowledge on the possible health risks of electromagnetic fields - in particular mobile radio. For this purpose, the most recent international scientific literature was comprehensively reviewed and the results of ongoing national and international research projects were analysed to determine whether relevant new findings are available that could substantially change the discussion on possible health risks of RF-EMF. Another focus was on research efforts aimed at making a substantial contribution to improved risk assessment of young people's exposure.

In addition, the report discusses relevant aspects of EMF risk governance (e.g. public participation, conflicts of interest, risk information and communication) and describes options for reducing barriers to open two-way communication between groups of actors – especially between science, civil society and politics - in the context of the EMF discourse.

The full report is available only in German. Key findings and aspects of EMF risk governance are summarised on the project page.


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