Climate neutral truck traffic due to algae-based fuels?

Policy brief TAB-Fokus no. 20 on 3rd generation algae-based biofuels provides a quick overview of the topic – from the production of algae-based biomass and fuels to their potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transport and approaches to the fur
Cover TAB-Fokus 20: Climate neutral truck traffic due to algae-based fuels
TAB-Fokus no. 20: Climate neutral truck traffic due to algae based fuels?

The safe, sufficient, affordable and environmentally sound supply of energy is a major challenge – last but not least with regard to the goal pursued by German politics of achieving a high degree of climate neutrality by 2050. To be able to achieve this goal, energy consumption in the transport sector plays a decisive role.

The TAB-Fokus no. 20, which is now available in English, features the key findings of the TA project »Sustainability potentials of bioeconomy – 3rd generation biofuels« that pays among fuels and their respective propulsion systems particular attention on the potential of algae-based fuels for truck traffic with regard to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

The full report TAB-Arbeitsbericht Nr. 181, published in October 2019 after acceptance by the German Bundestag, is available only in German.



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