New projects for 2022/2023

Following the adoption of the new TAB work program, yesterday's committee meeting focused on the topic of "Human genome editing".

In its 16th meeting yesterday, the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment adopted TAB's further work program for 2022/23. In addition, the central results of the completed project "Human genome editing" were presented and discussed by the members of TA rapporteur group.

The last round of topic identification for new TAB projects was launched in spring 2022 with a request from committee chair Kai Gehring to all committees and parliamentary groups of the German Bundestag. The 40 topic proposals received as a result were examined by TAB for possible processing and project concepts were developed. On this basis, the members of the TA rapporteur group coordinated with their parliamentary groups and with each other, so that in today's committee meeting the further TAB work programme for 2022/2023 could be unanimously adopted with the following five topics of investigation:

The projects will start in the course of this autumn.

The substantive focus of the committee meeting was the topic of "Genome Editing in Humans". Before a lively discussion on the opportunities and risks of the technology, Steffen Albrecht (TAB) introduced the topic and presented central results and fields of action of the  monitoring project completed last year.

July 7, 2022

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