How do citizens assess the corona pandemic and its consequences?

The results of a population-representative survey on this question are the focus of the fifth issue of the TAB-Sensor.
TAB Sensor No. 5: How do citizens assess the corona pandemic and its consequences?
TAB Sensor #5: The spectrum of societal winners or losers from the corona pandemic is diverse.

The corona pandemic is a challenge to society. It is not only the governmental measures to protect vulnerable groups and to ensure health care. It is also the burden on each individual to avoid the health risks of a Covid-19 disease and to protect third parties.

The German nationwide survey on the corona pandemic and its consequences focuses on both personal burdens and coping strategies as well as confidence in society's handling of the corona pandemic, including governmental assessment and decision-making constraints.

The survey results show that the clear majority of respondents (tended to) cope well with the corona pandemic according to their  assessment. The fact that many people (tended to) come through the corona pandemic well  is  they trust their abilities, on which they can also fall back on.

When asked specifically for examples of personal stress, it becomes apparent that restrictions on social contacts characterize crisis experiences.

Respondents primarily trust family and household members. However, most people feel confident that day-to-day facilities will also do the right thing to protect them in the corona pandemic. A high level of trust is also placed in health care facilities and many political institutions.

The fact that the challenges of the corona pandemic were well managed is probably also based on common societal values.

The results of the survey paint an overall picture that is predominantly characterized by trust in one's abilities and those of third parties, adaptability, and by coping strategies in times of crisis. Nevertheless,social groups such as children, families and the elderly, certain sectors of the economy, but also the public at large are classified as losers in the corona pandemic.

The nationwide representative survey is a supplement to the ongoing TAB project "Crisis Radar - Strengthening the Resilience of Society, Politics and the Economy by means of prediction". The survey participants were additionally allowed to report on their personal experiences using audio comments. The TAB-Sensor is available online (ony in German).

The TAB-Sensor series serves to provide appropriate, quick and visually memorable information to members of the Bundestag, but also to the general public, about societal perceptions, assessments and views on issues of scientific and technological change.

June 15, 2022

TAB-Sensor Nr. 5: Stimmen aus der Bevölkerung: Die Teilnehmer/innen der Bevölkerungsbefragung wurden gebeten, über ihre Erfahrungen mündlich mittels Audiokommentaren zu berichten. Beispiele stehen im Internet zur Verfügung.
Stimmen aus der Bevölkerung: Ausgewählte Audiokommentare aus der Bevölkerungsbefragung stehen auf zur Verfügung.