What are the benefits and how far are AI and DLT applications in public administration?

Against the background of international practical examples, a new TAB report shows perspectives for the successful digitisation of administration in Germany. The corresponding Policy Brief is now available in English.
Cover TAB-Fokus 39. AI and DLT and blockchain Technologies in public administration
TAB-Arbeitsbericht Nr. 201:Künstliche Intelligenz und Distributed-Ledger-Technologie in der öffentlichen Verwaltung. Endbericht zum TA-Projekt "Chancen der digitalen Verwaltung"

The digitisation of public administration is associated with high expectations. This is especially true for the innovation and technology fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed ledger technology (DLT). The areas of responsibility for AI applications in public administration are diverse, but the use of the possibilities in Germany has so far been low. AI technologies are associated with autonomous and data-based decision-making processes, whose diverse application scenarios can result overall in an increase in the effectiveness, quality and security of administrative processes. In the context of public administrative action, DLT applications are particularly suitable for the management of transaction and process data, such as those that arise in register administration.

The use of AI in public administration in Germany has been low to date. DLT applications are also not yet very widespread in the public administration of the federal, state and local governments. Many projects are only in the planning phase or in early test stages.

International practical examples, on the other hand, show that AI and DLT projects have already been transferred into the regular operations of public administrations. The projects include both individual applications, such as automatic traffic control, and the introduction of complex digital infrastructures as the basis for administrative services.

The introduction and use of AI and DLT in public administration is not a purely technical issue. Established processes and the service and organisational culture of public administration must be adapted, specific knowledge bases must be built up and networked. In addition, the cross-departmental digital challenges require a clarification and simplification of responsibility for the targeted expansion of technology strategies with a focus on AI and DLT.

TAB-Fokus issue no. 36 (en/ger) as well as the full project report in German are available online.