Digital media in education

The TAB report no. 171 analyses the potentials and possible applications of digital media in the different areas of education – impacts, challenges and research needs regarding schools, the dual system, and tertiary education are identified
Fokus no. 12: Digital media in education
Fokus no. 12: Digital media in education

Digitalisation has a massive potential for the field of education. But the use of digital media for teaching and learning processes is not yet standard in German schools and other educational institutions. Moreover, fundamental questions are raised on what impacts digital media are having on the institutional structure of the education system and on the course of people's lives in terms of employment options.

To address these questions, the report analyses the current use of digital media in schools, universities and vocational education and summarises the relevant scientific studies on the scope and the implications of new digital media for teaching and learning. It identifies the framework conditions necessary for realizing the potentials of digital media in the different areas of the educational system as well as the barriers and challenges limiting their use.

TAB's policy brief no. 12 (PDF), which is now available in English, features the key findings of the report and discusses policy options with regard to the competence of teachers, institutional conditions, legal and technological aspects as well as research needs.

At a public meeting of the Education, Research, and Technology Assessment Committee on June 8, 2016, the report was presented and opened for discussion.


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