Documentation of the expert discussion on robotics in the care sector

The summaries of the experts' contributions and the video recording of the event in the Bundestag are now available.
Cover Dokumentation Fachgespräch Robotik in der Pflege TAB
Abstracts of the contributions of the experts

In view of demographic change and the increasing number of people in need of care, what can robots contribute to good care and what should they be able to do in the future? These important questions were the focus of a public expert discussion held by TAB together with the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment on 20 February 2019 in the rooms of the Bundestag.

Under the chairmanship of Dr. Ernst Dieter Rossmann (SPD), experts from different research and practical areas shed light on the topic in a well-founded manner and from different perspectives, thus providing a compact overview of the current state of robotics in care as well as its application perspectives. In doing so, normative challenges and legal issues as well as possibilities for political design were revealed and discussed with the attending delegates and the audience. With the concluding wish for a »Decade for Care«, Ernst Dieter Rossmann underlined at the end the outstanding importance of the topic in times of digital transformation, globalisation and shortage of skilled workers for politics, but also as a task for society as a whole.

The abstracts of the experts' contributions to the expert discussion are available for download. The event was also recorded and can be viewed in full in the Bundestag's media library.

The starting point for the event was a project on technology assessment commissioned by the Bundestag from the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB) on the initiative of the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment and the Digital Agenda Committee. The final report was published as Bundestag Printed Paper 19/2790 on 15 June 2018 and as TAB Report »Robotik und assistive Neurotechnologien in der Pflege - gesellschaftliche Herausforderungen« (Robotics and assistive neurotechnologies in care - societal challenges").


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