Expectations of the technology assessment in the 19th German Bundestag

Furthermore our news magazine TAB-Brief provides an overview of project results and informs about the work programme.
Cover TAB-Brief Nr. 49
TAB-Brief Nr. 49: Expectations of the TA in the 19th German Bundestag

TAB-Brief Nr. 49 includes the short profiles and results of TA projects, such as »Pharmaceutical Residues in Drinking Water and Waters«, »Autonomous weapon systems«, »Sustainability assessment of farming systems«, »Genetic pre-implantation diagnosis« or »Virtual reality and augmented Reality«. In addition, six new topic profiles from Horizon scanning and the results of the representative survey of young people on "Personalised Online Media" from the Stakeholder Panel TA will be presented. We conclude with a look at current digitisation issues being addressed by our partners in the European Parliamentary TA Institutions (EPTA) network.

In the focus section, we give the voice to the MEPs responsible for technology assessment from the TA Rapporteur Group and the Chair of the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment (ABFTA). On one page each, they explain their motivation for assuming the responsible functions for their respective parliamentary groups in the ABFTA and outline their basic expectations of parliamentary TA as well as specifically of the work of TAB in the new legislative period.

TAB Letter No. 49, like all previous issues, is available electronically - and only in German. 


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