Welcome to the new TAB-Brief – our first newsletter in English

Die Cover der erstenund letzten klassischen TAB-Briefausgaben sowie ein Blick auf den neuen E-Mail-Newsletter.
Our TAB-Brief through the ages.

Where new things are desired, old things must give way – we are now saying goodbye to the classic TAB-Brief - our magazine-like newsletter published only in German. For 30 years, we have used it in printed form (and for a long time also as a PDF download) to report on our work program and our activities, on interim and final results of current investigations, and on changing key topics. But with the start of the 20th legislative period of the German Bundestag, we have not only redesigned our website, but will also offer the TAB-Brief as a compact digital newsletter in the future.

Three to four times a year, and thus much more frequently than before, we will summarize past activities and work results in condensed form, present selected ongoing projects, and increasingly look outward – to important developments nationally and internationally. In the first issue, we look at the topic of building and housing and recent progress in malaria vaccine development, among other things.

The digital TAB-Brief can be subscribed to at www.tab-beim-bundestag.de/newsletter-registration.php

April 27, 2022