The Future of Labour in the Digital Era

How does the future of labour look like in the digital era? This is the key question of the report the annual EPTA Report, which TAB has published in cooperation with 17 member institutions of the European Parliamentarian TA Network (EPTA)
cover EPTA-Report 2016 The future of Labour in the digital Era
EPTA-Report 2016: The Future of Labour in the Digital Era

A new wave of digitalisation, automation and robotisation is about to cause massive change in many economic sectors. Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, platform and sharing economy are keywords which currently take center stage in public and political debate. The impact of this transformation on labour markets, working conditions, wages and the blurring boundary between private and professional life is investigated in this report from the perspective of 17 countries and regions in the EPTA network. Starting point for TAB's contribution was the final report of the project »Opportunities and threats of mobile and digital communication in the workplace« which will be published at the beginning of 2017, after its acceptance by the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment of the German Bundestag.

This volume is the final report of the EPTA Conference, which has taken place in Vienna on 21. October 2016. The report can be downloaded here.