We can be brief - the most important TAB results on 4 pages

The first two issues of TAB-Fokus cover the most recently published work reports on remote sensing and modern postal services
TAB-Fokus, Fernerkundundung remote sensin
TAB-Fokus Nr. 1
Einblick ins "Innere" des ersten TAB-Fokus

TAB-Fokus is the name of a new publication format, which features the most important results and policy relevant issues of all finished TAB-projects in a four-page leaflet. From now on this series will be published also in English to enhance the international visibility of TABs work.

The first two issues are available on the website as of today:

Following additions to this publication series can be accessed online here, the German edition of the policy brief here.

Several institutions within the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment network (EPTA) now employ similar »policy brief« publications. The prime example is certainly the »POST-notes« which are issued by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology of the UK since 1989 with great success. All the EPTA members policy briefs can be found on the website of the EPTA network.