On potentials of maritime agriculture, urban cable cars, sustainable shipbuilding concepts and federated machine learning

New topic profiles from horizon scanning provide compact answers to current questions and impulses for future research and innovations
Coverbilder TKP Nr. 55-58: maritime landwirtschaft, urbane Seilbahnen, innovative Schiffbaukonzepte, föderales lernen

In the first half of 2022, 16 topic outlines were generated in the continuous search cycle of horizon scanning. After extensive discussion in the TAB team, the following topics were selected based on their relevance in the societal discourse and in terms of potential need for legislative action:

The topic profiles (only in German) offer condensed information on current scientific-technical trends and socio-economic developments in early stages of development on 8 to 10 pages. They conclude with notes on possible in-depth work and include a detailed list of sources. In addition, the topic profiles provide impetus for the TAB topic identification process of the parliamentary groups and committees and can be used as sources of information for day-to-day parliamentary work.

Horizon scanning has been carried out at TAB since 2014. All topic short profiles published so far can be found here.

August 30, 2022