From the 'bicycle revolution' to hypersonic weapons and space-based power generation

New topic profiles from horizon scanning provide a concise overview of the opportunities and risks of new technologies and concepts, and stimulate future research and innovation
Cover-Collage der Themenkurzprofile aus dem Horizon-Scanning Nr. 64-68

In the first half of 2023, 15 topic sketches were generated in the continuous search cycle of horizon scanning. After extensive discussion in the TAB team, the following topics were selected on the basis of their relevance in the public discourse and with regard to a potential need for legislative action:

The topic briefs (abstract in English at the links above, full PDF file in German only) provide 8-12 pages of concise information on current scientific-technical trends and socio-economic developments in early stage. They conclude with suggestions for possible further work and include a detailed list of sources. In addition, the issue briefs provide impetus for the TAB issue identification process of parliamentary groups and committees and can be used as a source of information for day-to-day parliamentary work.

Horizon-Scanning has been carried out at TAB since 2014. All 68 issues published so far can be found here.