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Resilience check

Background and objectives

The results of the resilience radar and horizon scanning are summarised in an annual Foresight Report, on the basis of which a selected infrastructure system is subjected to a resilience check. The aim of the resilience check is to identify systemic risks and develop viable resilience strategies.

Approach and results

Stakeholders from science, business, politics, administration and civil society are involved in a structured analysis and scenario process. The Resilience Check takes nine months to complete and consists of the following three steps

1. Mapping the system


The first step is to identify and structure the relevant influencing factors for the key issues of the infrastructure system. For this purpose, moderated digital "round tables" are organised with external experts from science, business, politics and administration. The result is a dynamic system picture in visualised form.


2. Scenario development


The next step is to develop plausible future scenarios and identify vulnerabilities that arise against the backdrop of systemic risks. To this end, future projections are developed on the basis of the identified key factors and raw scenarios are derived. The consequences of disruptive events are then analysed in an expert workshop. The step concludes with a short description of the future scenarios.

3. Policy analysis


The future scenarios are then systematically analysed to identify both vulnerabilities and opportunities to strengthen the resilience of the infrastructure system. In a structured process, policy options, approaches and strategy elements are developed. For this purpose, a moderated event will be organised, which will bring together scientists, experts from the respective maintenance practice of the infrastructure system and selected representatives of the infrastructure system.

Annual event at the German Bundestag

The results of the resilience check will be discussed with members of the Bundestag and civil society at a public event in the Bundestag and summarised in a Resilienz-Dossier.