Should humans change wild animals with the help of a technique?

Humans have been modifying animals for a very long time.

This is how new animal species have been created.

For example: different breeds of dogs.

Wild animals are different.

Humans have not changed wild animals until now.

With a new technique, humans can change wild animals.

The technique is called gene drives.

For example: mosquitoes

Some mosquitoes carry diseases.

A new technique can prevent mosquitoes from reproducing.

Then these mosquitoes will eventually no longer exist.

And the mosquitoes can no longer transmit diseases.

But: There are other animals that eat mosquitoes.

These animals then have no more food.

We want to find out:

  • Should this new technology be used?
  • Can we do something good with it?
  • Or will something bad happen as a consequence??

In standard language, the project is called: Gene drives - technologies for propagating genetic modifications throughout populations

Examples of our work